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High-End Tray Handling Pario 3000 Shortest Tray Changing Times

High-End Tray Handling Pario 3000

Produktbericht18.06.2015 The high-end Pario 3000 tray handling system handles tray formats up to 400 x 600 mm and ensures the shortest tray changing times. The system unloads or loads trays in less than three seconds. The machine has a repeatability of ±0.1 mm and can stack and destack trays up to a weight of 100 kg.  mehr

P-Series – Lab-Line laboratory tablet testers From Semiautomatic up to Automatic

P-Series – Lab-Line laboratory tablet testers

Produktbericht01.06.2015 The P-Series are the new models of the Lab-Line product range by Kraemer & Ischi, specially developed for laboratories. mehr

Hygienic Decanters Z53-4/01 A Clean Solution

Hygienic Decanters Z53-4/01

Produktbericht30.06.2015 Flottweg presents the Z53-4/01 decanter with hygienic design. mehr

100 Percent Control

Aseptic Pharmaceutical Line FSE

Produktbericht17.06.2015 The aseptic pharmaceutical line isolator system FSE from Groninger offers safety of the filling and closing process, particularly as an aseptic production line for small batches that demand high standards of product safety or as a laboratory line for clinical tests.  mehr

For Chemical and Food Industries


Produktbericht27.05.2015 Joniga is presenting its latest innovation: the magitator. Its outstanding feature is an agitator with magnetic coupled drive. mehr

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Centrifuge F2 Agentle Solids Discharge

Centrifuge F2

Produktbericht26.05.2015 Heinkel is exhibiting the new inverting filter centrifuge F2. mehr

GKF capsule filling machine Developed by Demand

GKF capsule filling machine

Produktbericht23.05.2015 Bosch Packaging Technology launches the capsule filling machine GKF 2600. This high-performance machine doses powders, pellet, tablets and liquids, as well as combinations precisely and reliably. mehr

Digiline label Reliable and fast coding

Digiline label

Produktbericht20.05.2015 When coding labels for pharmaceutical primary packages like vials, ampoules or syringes, a flawless and durable printing of job-variable information such as expiry date or lot number is of high importance. mehr

Nozzle Technology Product Range from A to Z

Nozzle Technology

Produktbericht02.05.2012 Düsen-Schlick offers products for nitric oxide reduction, environmental technologies, sugar-coating & ABC-Technology. mehr

No Misty Exhaust Fumes

Demister for Cleaning Systems

Produktbericht02.05.2012 Parts cleaning systems using aqueous solutions for pharmaceutical and foodstuff applications face the problem of undesired mist transport in the exhaust air. Compact mist collectors from Striko eliminate mist and prevent of vapour formation. mehr

High-Speed Coding System m600 touch Intuitive Graphic Touch Screen

High-Speed Coding System m600 touch

Produktbericht02.05.2012 The „m600 touch“ High-Speed Coding System from Wolke combines functionality and simplicity in one device. The intuitive graphic touch-screen user interface makes work on the production line smooth and straightforward.  mehr

Easy-to-Clean Mixer Pegasus Rapid Cleaning for Multi-flexible Production

Easy-to-Clean Mixer Pegasus

Produktbericht02.05.2012 Dinnissen Process Technology's twin-shaft Pegasus Mixer provides rapid, efficient, and homogenous mixing results. Because more and more customers want to use one and the same mixer for mixing different products, the manufacturer has developed an easy-to-clean version of its Pegasus Mixer. mehr

TFF Filtration System Allegro Single-use System Has Multiple Benefits

TFF Filtration System Allegro

Produktbericht30.04.2012 The Allegro single-use TFF system from Pall incorporates single-use components and is designed for applications in ultrafiltration and diafiltration (UF/DF). mehr

Bioprocessing Workstation Allegro Supports Fluid Management

Bioprocessing Workstation Allegro

Produktbericht30.04.2012 Pall's Allegro bioprocessing workstations enable easy implementation of a wide range of single-use system designs around each unit operation. The workstations have been specifically engineered in order to provide maximum flexibility in most single-use operations employed in the processing environment. mehr

Sampling and Analysing Containers Cool Inside, Even Outdoors

Sampling and Analysing Containers

Produktbericht30.04.2012 Analysing containers from Dr. Thiedig are prepared ready for connection outdoors and contain an entire sampling system with sample cooling, pressure reduction, and instrumentation for determining all parameters of importance in the water-steam cycle, such as O2, Hy, SiO2, Na, Lf, pH. mehr

Transformation for High Output Bi-layer Production

Tablet Press Performa

Produktbericht30.04.2012 GEA Pharma Systems has added bi-layer capability to its high performance tablet press Performa P. The tablet press combines a small footprint with high-output single and bi-layer capability. mehr

Packaging Solution Sigpack RA / HCM Combines Stick Pack and Flow Wrap Machines

Packaging Solution Sigpack RA / HCM

Produktbericht30.04.2012 Bosch Packaging Technology offers a packaging system that integrates a stick pack machine and a flow wrapping machine. A seamless interface between the primary and secondary packaging machines maintains output quality, helps to eliminate downtime, and ensures that the system provides optimal performance.  mehr

Automatic Sampling System Compliant with EHEDG Guidelines

Automatic Sampling System

Produktbericht30.04.2012 Dinnissen Process Technology has developed an automatic sampling system specifically for food industry companies wishing to organise the process of taking samples efficiently, accurately, and reliably. mehr

For Cleanrooms and Rough Conditions

Industrial PC, Monitor, Remote Monitor, and Remote Panel

Produktbericht30.04.2012 The Industrial PC, Monitor, Remote Monitor, and Remote Panel from Systec offer ergonomic industrial design, full encapsulation, as well as water and dust protection. mehr

Pipework: Hygiene Distributor Quick and Easy Disassembly

Pipework: Hygiene Distributor

Produktbericht30.04.2012 The new „Hygiene Distributor“ from Jacop Pipework Systems is used wherever the requirement for frequent cleaning of the inner surfaces necessitates quick and easy disassembly and reassembly of the parts.  mehr