Optimised Spraying, Mixing, and Coating

Coater LC Series

24.04.2012 Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau developed the LC coater series specially for coating tablets. Besides user-friendliness and ease-of-cleaning, great importance was attached to optimum process engineering. All three sub-processes relevant for film-coating of the tablets were optimised: spraying on of the coating, mixing, and drying.

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The coaters of the LC series operate up to 40% faster than conventional devices (Picture: Lödige)

The distinguishing feature of the coater is a new nozzle arm concept for spraying on the coating which permits good adaptation to the tablet bed. The innovative technology enables easy adjustment of the spraying distance and angle in order to achieve a perfect result at all times. The optimum arrangement and number of nozzles accelerates the process compared to other similar coaters.

The high-performance air technology used also ensures speed. A fully-perforated drum with a free surface area of over 50 % permits a high air flow. This provides excess energy to make the coating process problem-free and reliable. Efficient mixing elements likewise contribute to good product quality. They permit uniform and gentle mixing of the tablets, even with variable filling levels of 30 to 100 %.

Besides spraying and mixing, the drying process has also been improved: effective use of the drying energy is enabled by directing the drying air flow beneath the spray zone to the tablet bed. This provides fast drying of moist surfaces in the air flow. The air is extracted via the tablet bed.

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