Tamper-free Times Ahead

Tamper-evident Labelling Modules

09.05.2018 Herma is exhibiting three new tamper-evident labelling modules for packaging lines.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • tamper evidence soon to be mandatory in EU
  • speeds of up to 40 m/min and faster
  • solution for tight spaces



Sachaufnahme Etikettiermaschine Firma Herma GmbH

Tamper-evident labelling modules for plant manufacturers. Image: Herma

In February 2019, tamper evidence will become mandatory for many pharmaceutical products in the EU. However, many pharmaceutical manufacturers and packaging contractors have not yet retrofitted their equipment. Herma is therefore exhibiting three new tamper-evident modules:  a solution for speeds up to approximately 40 m/min; a solution for higher speeds featuring motorized components, e.g. for winding and unwinding; and a solution for especially tight spaces. All three solutions include two high-performance Type 400 label applicators that can be arranged to cover all standard positions of tamper-evident labels on the side flaps of folding cartons.


Achema 2018 Hall 3.1 – F57

HERMA 1804pf046_ACHEMA_2018_Bild 2 Tamper Evident Module

Tamper-evident modules can cover all standard positions of original seal labels on folding cartons. The picture shows a tamper-evident label on a side flap before being “pressed”. Image: Herma