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Application Software Feature Package PAS-X

09.04.2012 The PAS-X product from Werum is extended by the Process Development feature package. The feature package for developing pharmaceutical production processes simplifies the modeling of manufacturing processes for technical and clinical trial batches and closes the gap between research & development (non-GMP batches) and the commercial production (GMP batches).

The software covers process development activities in all areas of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, ranging from solids and liquids, blood plasma derivatives, and biopharmaceutical products to small and large molecule based active pharmaceutical ingredients including scale-up. It accelerates time-to-market speed, provides support of QbD (Quality by Design) and DoE (Design of Experiments) based development processes, and enhances production efficiency by predefined libraries and use of latest production procedures. Additionally it offers utilization of production equipment for technical batches using the electronic ‚Recording Mode‘ during manufacture, simplified transfer of processes from the development to the commercial production stage by electronically designing master batch records, as well as out-of-the-box functionality in order to decrease life cycle costs and ensure upgradability.

Achema 2012 Hall 11.1 – A73