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Glatt_1804pf028_ModFlex Achema2018 Compact and Modular

Compact Fluidized-bed Agglomeration System and Modular Control

Produktbericht21.05.2018 At the Achema show, Glatt is showcasing several new developments, including a compact system for continuous agglomeration and a readily customizable modular control system. mehr

lechler 1804pf056_xactclean AGD High-impact Cleaning

XactClean HP+ Rotating Cleaning Nozzle

Produktbericht20.05.2018 Lechler has extended its range of cleaning nozzles to include the rotating XactClean HP+ with higher flow rates and greater power than its predecessor. The rotating nozzle cleans tanks and equipment at pressures up to 10 bar. mehr

TheegartenPactec_1804pf065 Achema_2018_1 High-performance Tab Packaging

Integrated Packaging Solution

Produktbericht22.05.2018 Theegarten-Pactec’s comprehensive solution for compressing powder to tabs with subsequent primary packaging in flow packs embodies that company’s FPC5 packaging machine with an AZO powder feed system and a Romaco Kilian press. mehr

Picture: Bosch High containment for pharmaceuticals

Capsule Filling Machine GKF 720

Produktbericht20.05.2018 With GKF 720, Bosch Packaging Technology is exhibiting a high-precision capsule filling machine for small batches with an output of 720 capsules per minute. It offers a fully automated washable containment process. mehr

lechler 1804pf055_Reinigungstechnik Achema2018 AGD_freeflow Clog-free Spraying

Freeflow Full-Cone Spray Nozzles

Produktbericht19.05.2018 FreeFlow full-cone nozzles introduced by Lechler at Achema 2018 enable the flow of larger particles and hence also spraying of contaminated or fibrous liquids. mehr

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eppendorf 1804pf063_Achema2018 Reaktoren AGD BioFlo120 Push Button Control

BioFlo120 Bioreactor Control Station

Produktbericht18.05.2018 Eppendorf's BioFlo 120 bench scale bioprocess control station is capable of microbial fermentation as well as mammalian cell culture applications. mehr

Donaldson 1804pf071_Sterilfilter Filterelemente AGE AGD Achema2018 Safe Separation of Microorganisms

P-SRF Sterile Filters

Produktbericht17.05.2018 P-SRF sterile filters from Donaldson ensure a very low differential pressure, a long service life, and extremely high retention rates down to 3 nm. Safe separation of microorganisms is assured, even under extreme conditions. mehr

Parker Praedifa 1804pf031_O Ring Selector AGE AGD Achema2018 Simplified O-ring Selection

O-ring Selector Design Tool

Produktbericht16.05.2018 Parker's O-Ring Selector web-based engineering tool enables precise selection of the right O-ring material and seal size according to the intended application conditions. mehr

hapa 1804pf067_Achema2018 AGE AGD Identtechnik Blister_CMYK_Group Blister Pack Printing

BlisterJet CMYK and Web 4.0 Printers

Produktbericht15.05.2018 Hapa's BlisterJet CMYK is a late-stage customization specialist, and serves for four-color printing of graphics and text on prefabricated blister packaging. The company is also demonstrating two-color printing on aluminum foil by the Web 4.0 printer at its Achema booth. mehr

dräger 1804pf076 Xam 8000 gasmessgeräte Process Safety Assured

X-am 8000 Multigas Detector

Produktbericht14.05.2018 The Dräger X-am 8000 simultaneously measures up to seven toxic or flammable gases and vapors as well as oxygen – in pump or diffusion mode. Comprehensive process safety is assured by a clear signaling concept and convenient assistant functions. mehr

Dräger 1804pf078 XPlore 8700_Gasmessgeräte Achema AGE AGD Entlastet den Träger

Gebläsefiltergeräte X-Plore-8700

Produktbericht13.05.2018 Das Gebläsefiltergerät X-plore 8700 (EX) von Dräger kann in den Ex-Zonen 1, 2, 21 und 22 eingesetzt werden. Es ergänzt die existierende X-plore-8000-Familie und ist kompatibel mit den bereits bekannten Systemkomponenten. mehr

Anton Paar 1804pf069 Achema2018 AGD AGE MCP 5X00 Sucromat_Serie Sugar Analysis without Limits

Sucromat 5300/5500 Saccharimeters

Produktbericht13.05.2018 MCP 5300/5500 Sucromats from Anton Paar are single-wavelength saccharimeters which measure at 589 nm (sodium D line) according to ICUMSA. mehr

anton paar 1804pf082_Konzentrationsmessgeräte Achema2018 AGD AGE Sensor Series 01 In-process Monitoring

Density and Sound Velocity Sensors

Produktbericht12.05.2018 New process density and sound velocity sensors from Anton Paar measure density and concentrations in binary mixtures. mehr

bürkle 1804pf053 AGD Achema2018 DispoDipper_Gesamtansicht_mit_Dose_einzeln Easy to Find

DispoDipper Liquid Sampler

Produktbericht11.05.2018 The blue color of Bürkle's SteriPlast disposable samplers does not naturally occur in foodstuffs. Samplers that have accidentally entered the product can therefore be readily found during visual inspection or by a color scanner. mehr

Eirich 1804pf091_Mischtechnik Achema2018 AGD AGE Cleanline C50 Does It All

Cleanline Multifunctional Processor

Produktbericht10.05.2018 Eirich's new Cleanline processors provide a means of mixing, coating, dispersing, emulsifying, granulating, kneading, dissolving, agglomerating, or suspending materials under hygienic conditions in just a single machine. mehr

lb bohle 1804pf051_QbCon1_Bediener Achema2018 AGD For Batch and Continuous Manufacturing

Granulators, Compactors, Film Coaters, and More

Produktbericht10.05.2018 L.B. Bohle is unveiling QbCon 1, a continuous wet granulation and fluid bed drying setup for R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, at Achema 2018. mehr

HERMA 1804pf046_ACHEMA_2018_Bild 2 Tamper Evident Module Tamper-free Times Ahead

Tamper-evident Labelling Modules

Produktbericht09.05.2018 Herma is exhibiting three new tamper-evident labelling modules for packaging lines. mehr

Donaldson 1804pf073_Filterelemente Achema2018 AGD AGE LifeTec Filter_Getränke Industrie Safer Process Filtration

LifeTec Filter Elements

Produktbericht08.05.2018 Donaldson's LifeTec depth and membrane filter elements for pre-, fine-, and germicidal filtration of liquids can increase process reliability and reduce operating costs. mehr

rommelag 1804pf036_Achema2018 AGE Rommelag Flex Isolator Process Packed in Single-Use Technology

Flecotec Single-Use Containment

Produktbericht06.05.2018 With the Flecotec system, Rommelag has developed a system that reliably protects employees and bulk material from contamination while at the same time ensuring that protective clothing can be dispensed with in many work areas. mehr

Parker Praedifa 1804pf030_ NBR und FKM Werkstoffe fuer Lebensmittelanwendungen

Sealing Compounds NBR und FKM

Produktbericht04.05.2018 The ultra-pure NBR and FKM sealing materials from Parker Hannifin meet purity and compatibility requirements of the food industry and ensure long life and reliable performance. mehr