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  • 720 capsules per minute
  • OEB5
  • low water requirements

The machine is designed for processing powders, pellets and tablets. The OEB5 containment ensures high protection for the operator, machine and product. Thanks to the reduced water consumption, the machine can be operated independently from the customer’s water system without a separate water connection. 100% defective capsule detection and compact design translate into additional cost savings.

In the first cleaning stage of the GKF 720, the components that come into contact with the product are automatically cleaned from above with 200 milliliters of water, binding the highly potent residual dust. In the second stage, the processing area is manually flushed with ten liters of water maximum, quickly and completely ridding it of any product residue. The specially designed tabletop and the new dosing stations make sure that no water penetrates the machine room during cleaning.

For pellets and micro-dosed powders, it features a patented, automatic height-adjusting pellet station and a manually height-adjustable dosing disk. Together with the Net Weight Detection System (NWDS) and the integrated gravimetric checkweigher, these features allow consistent in-process control (IPC). The regular adjustment of dosed amounts via IPC ensures a stable, capacitive measuring process throughout the production cycle. The machine is equipped with a flexible plug-and-play station, which supports switching, for instance from pellets to powders, in less than five minutes.

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