bosch 1804pf040 GKF720 Achema Abfüllmaschinen AGD AGE

Capsule filling machine for washable containment. Image: Bosch

  • compact design
  • OEB5 containment
  • rapid product switching

Designed for efficient and resource-saving processing for all types of hard capsules, the system has been specially tailored to the demands of manufacturers of highly potent solid pharmaceuticals. Safety, process precision, and stability were  at the forefront of development work. OEB5 containment ensures the highest protection for the operator, machine, and product, while minimal water requirements, 100% defective capsule detection, and compact design translate into cost savings. With an output of 720 capsules per minute, the GFK 720 is the latest addition to the manufacturer’s  containment portfolio.

The capsule filler can process powders, pellets, and tablets, and is equipped with a flexible plug-and-play station which supports rapid switching, for instance from pellets to powders.

Achema  Hall 3.1 – C71

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