rommelag 1804pf037_Achema2018 AGd Rommelag engineering Abfüllmaschine

Bottelpack bp434 aseptic filling machine. (Bild: Rommelag)

A Blow-fill-seal-machine is a safer and more cost-efficient solution for packaging liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical products than a bottelpack aseptic system. In order to ensure that contents can be packed first-class and delivered completely safely to their destination, Rommelag has supplemented its bottelpack range with various inspection systems. The systems are convincing throughout the packaging process with maximum safety and cost-effectiveness.

The field of automatic visual inspection ranges from simple cosmetic control to additional level monitoring and simple particle detection to highly efficient detection of freely moving foreign bodies. Service packages ensure prevention of unplanned shutdowns and optimize plant performance.

Achema2018 Hall 3.0 – D49



rommelag 1804pf037_Achema2018 AGd Rommelag engineering Bottlepack Abfüllmaschine

After-sales Services from Maintenance to Modifications. Picture: Rommelag






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