Supports Fluid Management

Bioprocessing Workstation Allegro

30.04.2012 Pall's Allegro bioprocessing workstations enable easy implementation of a wide range of single-use system designs around each unit operation. The workstations have been specifically engineered in order to provide maximum flexibility in most single-use operations employed in the processing environment.

Bioprocessing Workstation Allegro

The bioprocessing workstations can be used for storage at low and high temperature (Picture: Pall)

The system‘s support trays are made of a high-molecular-weight polyethylene (PE). Due to their processing capabilities and wear resistance, these trays are suited to a wide range of applications – from onsite transport, materials handling, storage, and production within the facility. The bioprocessing workstations have been designed to assist in applications where fluid containment, ease of use, and flexibility are paramount. Workstations are based around a mobile stainless steel frame, where trays and other accessories can be fitted. The base frame can be expanded depending on operation and volume requirements. The trays are easy to install and remain fully accessible, therefore operator intervention is kept to a minimum. Trays manufactured in HDPE are robust and can be cleaned with a variety of solutions due to excellent chemical resistance. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to 60 °C so that the system can be used for storage at low and high temperature.

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