No Misty Exhaust Fumes

Demister for Cleaning Systems

02.05.2012 Parts cleaning systems using aqueous solutions for pharmaceutical and foodstuff applications face the problem of undesired mist transport in the exhaust air. Compact mist collectors from Striko eliminate mist and prevent of vapour formation.

Customisable connection options (e.g. flange, clamp-on) permit direct integration of the the collectors into the cleaning system or the exhaust air line. The units are used with air volumes in the output range of approx. 10 to 30,000 m3/h. Depending on the size of the droplets, the efficiency reaches up to 99.9 % at a pressure loss of approx. 200 Pa. The condensate drain can be connected directly to the housing to permit channelling of the condensate back into the system. These mist collectors are available in almost any size or shape, and the materials range from stainless steel to various plastics, including GFRP.
In the case of high contamination levels, a CIP cleaning unit can also be integrated into the housing. In addition, the unit can be used as an oil mist collector or for the collection of spraying mist in paint cabins.

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