Reliable and fast coding

Digiline label

20.05.2015 When coding labels for pharmaceutical primary packages like vials, ampoules or syringes, a flawless and durable printing of job-variable information such as expiry date or lot number is of high importance.

Digiline label

The centerpiece of the system is the contact-free Omega DoD inkjet technology. (Picture: Atlantic Zeiser)

In many cases, however, the printed image produced by thermal transfer technology, which is most widely used at present, does not offer resistance to wear, abrasion and tends to blur when being exposed to disinfectants. Atlantic Zeiser‘s Digiline Label printing system now offers a solution. The principle is based on contact-free DoD-inkjet technology with UV-curing inks that get cured in fractions of seconds when being exposed to UV-light. This guarantees a brilliant coding quality at any speed. At the same time the print is resistant against wear and abrasion that may occur during the packaging process or in the covering box and is fully insensitive to alcohol based solvents. Compared to common thermal-transfer printers, the device offers up to four times higher speeds of 60 m/min or 400 labels/min (depending on the format). Another advantage is the integrated label buffer which automatically adapts to changing cycle speeds of the connected label applicator. Expensive thermal transfer ribbons and the frequent exchange of print bars are no longer necessary when using the system, so that operating costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent. The system can be easily and quickly installed to any packaging line without making modifications of existing machinery necessary.

Facts for Decision-Makers:

  • brilliant coding quality
  • uo to 400 labels/min
  • operating costs -30 %

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