Comprehensive Traceability

Dispensing System Mandos

09.04.2012 Minor and ultra-small quantities of igredients can have a decisive effect on a recipe. Often, however, it is not worth fully automating their dosage. It is therefore all the more important for them to be added manually with exact weighing. The configurable Mandos system from Azo consists of a basic module, the media column with dust suction system, as well as the media cabinet.


The system is supplemented by individually configurable workplaces with corresponding storage containers, PC technology, software, as well as various platform scales and accessories such as barcode readers and label printers. A new feature: The operator can go to to the individual components and weigh them on the spot under operator control.

Fully automatic minor component storage locations are even more convenient. Here, the ultra-small quantities to be weighed are automatically transported from the storage location to the operator who removes the required amount and weighs them into a vessel. The ingredient that is no longer required is then transported back to the component storage location. As a result, a high degree of convenience is achieved, and indeed this pays off in the long run particularly when there are very many minor ingredients.

ACHEMA 2012 Hall 6.0 – C50