Clog-free Spraying

Freeflow Full-Cone Spray Nozzles

19.05.2018 FreeFlow full-cone nozzles introduced by Lechler at Achema 2018 enable the flow of larger particles and hence also spraying of contaminated or fibrous liquids.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • large free cross section
  • clog-free
  • for spraying of contaminated or fibrous liquid

The very large free cross sections of these full-cone nozzles provide a high process and operation reliability because the nozzles do not clog. Thanks to the small droplet sizes, the nozzles can also be used in material exchange processes. Their low weight compared to conventional full-cone nozzles plays an important role in many applications. Their modular design enables a variety of connection options, tailor-made to customers’ requirements. Uses include gas washing, packing spray processes, dust control, absorption, and distillation columns.

Achema Hall 6.1 – D C39

lechler 1804pf055_Reinigungstechnik Achema2018 AGD_freeflow

Very large cross sections prevent these full-cone nozzles from clogging. Image: Lechler