For Batch and Continuous Manufacturing

Granulators, Compactors, Film Coaters, and More

10.05.2018 L.B. Bohle is unveiling QbCon 1, a continuous wet granulation and fluid bed drying setup for R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, at Achema 2018.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • truly continuous drying and granulation
  • reproducible residence times
  • stable granule quality

This R&D unit accomplishes continuous drying and granulation with very narrow and reproducible residence times in the dryer and stable quality of the granules with regard to moisture content  and particle size. Other exhibits on display include the BFC 50 TriPan  film coater with three exchangeable drums, which can handle batch sizes of 7–75 l, the VMA 300 single-pot granulator,  the BRC 25 roller compactor, and the KA 280 tablet checker. Also to be seen are a conical mill with HMI and the BTS 200 turbo sieve, which guarantees optimum, reproducible, and consistent sieving results.

Achema 2018 Hall 3.0 – A 71


lb bohle 1804pf051_QbCon1_Bediener Achema2018 AGD

The QbCon 1 R&D system accomplishes truly continuous granulation and drying. Image: Bohle