ChemPharm Innovations 2021, english version

Themen in dieser Ausgabe

  • Out of the Crisis – Infographic on the Latest Cefic Figures
  • Reality Check for an Economy Based on Green Hydrogen
  • Conversion of Green Electricity into Chemical Energy
  • Top 10: Largest Projects for Green Hydrogen
  • Sustainability and Climate Protection in Plant Engineering
  • Digital Lecture Programme Achema Pulse
  • Long Road to the Shot
  • Biontech-Pfizer: From Reactor to Vaccination Centre
  • Equipment Suppliers Present Current Solutions and Their Service Portfolios


Out of the Crisis

Every year, the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) publishes the data collected on the current situation and future of the industry. The figures for the special year 2020 were awaited even more eagerly than usual. 

Digital Lecture Programme Achema Pulse

Dechema had postponed Achema to 2022. And the present year will see the launch of a supplementary digital lecture programme known as Achema Pulse.

Long Road to the Shot

In addition to the vaccine developers, who are in the public eye, equipment suppliers and service providers must also be on top form – from component production to filling and logistics.

Utopia or Game Changer?

At present, hardly a day goes by without a new record-breaking announcement from the field of hydrogen use. But what is really behind the hype? We attempted to get to the bottom of the question.

Bridge to a Green Future

Large-scale plant construction provides solutions for those branches of industry that cause the most CO2 emissions. But where are the obstacles?