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Hygienic Decanters Z53-4/01

30.06.2015 Flottweg presents the Z53-4/01 decanter with hygienic design.

Hygienic Decanters Z53-4/01

Bild: Flottweg

This model is particularly noteworthy for its outstanding cleanability, making it a must for use in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The machine also has an adjustable impeller that guarantees optimum adjustment to changing conditions in the product feed. The components the decanter that come into immediate contact with the medium to be processed (e.g. bowl, scroll and feed) are exclusively made from high-quality, rust and acid-resistant stainless steels. This guarantees both increased strength and good cleanability. The hygienic decanter is thus outstanding for the separation of coagulated proteins, the manufacture of soy beverages and starch, and the clarification of fruit juices. Normally, the clarified liquid runs out of a decanter without pressure over weir plates. As an alternative to the weir plates, operators of systems transport the clarified liquid away using an impeller. This means the clarified liquid runs out in a closed system under pressure. A further development of the impeller is the adjustable impeller. In this variant, an adjustment mechanism alters the position of the impeller. This means the liquid flows out at different diameters (simply by moving a lever). Furthermore, adjusting the impeller optimizes separating performance, because it is possible to respond quickly to changed product properties in the feed.


Facts for Decision-Makers:

  • hygienic design
  • stainless steels
  • adjustable impeller

Achema 2015 5.0 – A86