High-performance Tab Packaging

Integrated Packaging Solution

22.05.2018 Theegarten-Pactec’s comprehensive solution for compressing powder to tabs with subsequent primary packaging in flow packs embodies that company’s FPC5 packaging machine with an AZO powder feed system and a Romaco Kilian press.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • fast
  • cold-seal, hot-seal, water-soluble foils
  • non-food and food applications

The system demonstrated at Achema first compresses powder to tablets which the FPC5 high-performance packaging machine at the core of the integrated system is able to package in flow packs with an output of 1500 pieces per minute.  The system can handle both non-food articles such as dishwasher tabs as well as effervescent tablets, confectionery, stock cubes, or milk powder cubes. Hot wire welding enables packaging of products in hot seal and cold seal foil as well as in water-soluble foil. Harmonised interfaces between the different system components ensure an efficient production and packaging process. For example,  if insufficient powder is fed in, the speed of the press and the packaging machine is automatically reduced.


Achema Hall 3 – B49

TheegartenPactec_1804pf065 Achema_2018_1

High-performance integrated solution for compressing powder or granulate to tablets with subsequent packaging in flow packs. Image: Theegarten-Pactec