Innovative Scale-up Approach

Lonza FlowPlate Microreactors

17.04.2012 Lonza FlowPlate Microreactors from Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS are based on stacked sheet layers resembling those in a plate heat exchanger. The channels address mixing, heat exchange, and residence time distribution with an innovative scale-up approach. 

The Microreactors are used for pharmaceutical synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API´s). Therefore the FlowPlate Lab has been designed for lab work, process optimization, and pre-clinical research. Types A6 & A5 are designed for clinical research and pilot production. Type A4 can be used for commercial API production. It features high heat exchange performance, fast and efficient mixing, and continuous processing with flexible apparatus design. The microreactor can reduce time-to-market thanks to an intelligent scale-up approach.  No parallelization and no dead volume exist, leading to „Clean in Place – CIP“ capabilities and to cGMP practices.

Achema 2012

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