Better Structure Retention

Microwave Freeze Dryer

18.04.2012 Püschner offers microwave freeze dryers from 1 to 30 kW microwave power for batch and semi-continous operation.


The combination of microwave and freeze drying offers advantages in process technology. The technique is applicable from lab to production scale, for example in the pharma, chemical, ceramics, and food industries (e.g. microwave freeze drying of complete fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.). The technology can cut down drying times from days to hours, saving energy, costs, and space. Owing to 3D heating sublimation, the system is not limited to layer drying, as in conventional freeze drying. Sublimation takes place throughout the entire volume. Therefore better texture and structure retention can be achieved. Combined processes in the solid and liquid state with ultrafast heat transfer enable the generation of new products.

Achema 2012 Hall 6.1 – B28