Homogenizes Highly Viscous Emulsions

Mixer Unimix SRC 10.000

17.04.2012 In the cosmetics industry, competitive pressure leads not only to a concentration of production capacities but also to larger and more efficient production equipment. The Unimix SRC 10.000 Mixer from Ekato Systems is used for highly viscous emulsions.


According to the manufacturer, the well-established and proven combination of the Paravisc agitator with the Unimix S-JET/V homogenizer and a scale-up based on scientific data and experimental know-how can significantly boost productivity. For example, higher product outputs, maximum flexibility with respect to product changeovers, and a reproducibly high product quality of 12 ton batches set new standards in the production of toothpaste.


Achema 2012 Hall 5.0-D42