Highly Flexible

Modular Production System Variosys

25.05.2018 Variosys, developed by Bausch+Ströbel in conjunction with Skan, is a production system designed to provide high flexibility in the production of pharmaceuticals. It offers the possibility to combine a specialty isolator with a range of different machine modules.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • highly flexible
  • small-scale or high perfomance filling lines
  • different dosing systems

In addition, multiple modules can be linked together in combination with a sterilizing tunnel, cleaning machines or a freeze-dryer to create a production line. In practice, this means that the production module simply slides out of the isolator like a work bench and can be replaced with another module. Potentially combinable production modules include a variety of laboratory units and machines for filling and closing bottles, vials, syringes and cartridges or processing ampoules. Different dosing systems are also available. For example, peristaltic pumps or valveless rotary piston pumps can be used for liquid products or dosing augers for powder products.

A new module changing system transports the machine modules automatically from the parking position to the isolator and back. An operator uses a remote control panel to bring the modules to the isolator. From here, they are transported into the isolator fully automatically and with pinpoint precision. It allows the customer to change over quickly from one production process vials to another.

Bausch+Ströbel Variosys

Picture: Bausch+Ströbel