Simplified O-ring Selection

O-ring Selector Design Tool

16.05.2018 Parker's O-Ring Selector web-based engineering tool enables precise selection of the right O-ring material and seal size according to the intended application conditions.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • simplies design
  • extensive parameterization options
  • imperial and metric

Close interlinking of material and size selection delivers reliable results ensuring the desired performance of the O-ring in the subsequent application. Both imperial and metric standards are covered. The web tool combines a wide range of sealing materials with a calculation platform for O-ring seals. The selection of materials takes operating temperatures, fluids relevant to the sealing application, the polymer family and seal hardness as well as required approvals and conformances into account. The data set of the material that has been characterized this way is subsequently fed into the actual selection of the sealing system. In this step, the O-Ring Selector offers the user extensive options to parameterize the sealing system such as thermal expansion coefficients of the seal and the hardware components, volume swelling of the seal, and manufacturing tolerances for the hardware components.

Achema 2018  Hall 8.0 – L76


Parker Praedifa 1804pf031_O Ring Selector AGE AGD Achema2018

The O-Ring Selector combines material selection and size calculation in one tool delivering reliable results. Image: Parker