Round and Round It Goes

Orbital Cleaners TMC 85 and TMC 45

17.04.2012 Motor-driven orbital cleaners from Gea Tuchenhagen can operate at pressures up to 25 bar.


The TMC 85 and TMC 45 are motor-driven variants that complete the existing range of Varipure orbital cleaners for optimal cleaning of process plants. These orbital cleaners operate at a continuously adjustable pressure of up to 25 bar and flow rates of 0.5 to 30 m3/h. Both types can be equipped with electrically or pneumatically driven motors, and can be used for mobile or stationary applications. Cleaning of tanks and vessels with diameters up to 12 m is possible with an efficient 3D wash pattern and a high mechanical impact. Several cycles ensure a close-meshed cleaning pattern.

Achema 2012 Hall 4.0 – F44