Safe Separation of Microorganisms

P-SRF Sterile Filters

17.05.2018 P-SRF sterile filters from Donaldson ensure a very low differential pressure, a long service life, and extremely high retention rates down to 3 nm. Safe separation of microorganisms is assured, even under extreme conditions.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • robust design
  • many sterilization cycles possible
  • applications up to 200 °C

The robust design of the filter with its stainless steel liner allows a comparatively higher number of sterilization cycles. More than 160 cycles are possible. After steam sterilization, the drying time is only a few seconds. Downtimes, energy consumption, and the mechanical load on the filter medium are significantly reduced. The high temperature tolerance allows applications up to 200 °C. The filters can also be used in applications with vaporized H2O2 and ozone sterilization.

Achema Hall 5.1 – D17

Donaldson 1804pf071_Sterilfilter Filterelemente AGE AGD Achema2018

P-SRF sterile filters are characterized by high retention rates. Sterilization with steam, hydrogen peroxide, or ozone is possible. Image: Donaldson