Completes Hot Melt Extrusion

Pharmaceutical Pelletizer (SPHERO-THA)

17.04.2012 The Sphero-Tha pharmaceutical pelletizer from Automatik Plastics Machinery completes the hot melt extrusion process with a sophisticated pelletizing system, with smooth melt path and smart cooling air duct.   


According to the manufacturer, the tested and validated process yields uniform pellets with perfect free-flow behavior. This is seen as key to innovative pharmaceutical products with optimized downstream processing. The system is used for pre- and intermediate products of the pharmaceutical and the food industry with the focus on Hot-Melt-Extrusion (HME).

The pelletizer offers continuous production, replacing several processing steps used in conventional production (spheronization). It creates high added value by generating homogeneous products. Another feature is less dust generation compared to conventional processing.

Achema 2012 Hall 5-C33