Small Footprint and Simple Handling

Ring-layer Mixer Corimix

09.04.2012 Lödige's continuous motion Corimix ring-layer mixer was specially developed for intensive mixing processes at high to very high flow rates. The versatile and economical mixer type is suited to a broad range of industrial applications. Special, exchangeable linings to protect the mixing vessel permit the processing of products which are abrasive or tend to stick.


The high peripheral speed of the mixing tools in the mixer accelerates the introduced product components centrifugally. The result is the formation of a concentric annular layer. This layer passes through the mixing chamber – at a constant energy input – in a plug-like flow with a very narrow residence time spectrum. Due to the high differential speed a strong mixing intensity develops within the annular layer.

Liquids can be fed directly into the annular product layer. This prevents deposits on the mixer shaft. Liquids can be added in two ways: externally through nozzle pipes projecting tangentially into the mixing chamber, or internally through the mixer shaft fitted with appropriately shaped tools.

Small footprint, simple handling and maintenance, easy cleaning, and long service life were the main priorities in the development of the mixer. It is available as a laboratory mixer with throughput capacities of up to 240 dm3/h or as a production mixer for up to 175 m3/h. The design features of the version for pharmaceutical applications satisfy all the current requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Achema 2012 Hall 6.0 – D1