Robust and Scratch Proof

Servo Motor AM8800

10.04.2012 The Beckhoff AM8800 series supplements the highly-dynamic servo motors belonging to the new Beckhoff AM8000 series by introducing a version in a stainless steel finish. The stainless steel motors are of completely hygienic design. They can be used in extremely harsh or corrosive environments and are particularly suitable for applications in the food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries.

Servo Motor AM8800

The hygienic design motors from the AM8800 series meet the FDA requirements (Picture: Beckhoff)

The single-cable feedback technology of the AM8000 series leads to a savings in material and installation as well as engineering expenditures. Technologically, the AM8800 stainless steel motor series is based on the AM8000 motor series. However, it has been supplemented by an all-stainless-steel housing in AISI 316L designed according to FDA guidelines, and a stainless steel motor shaft. The series encompasses three sizes, each with three overall lengths. The power range extends from 1 to 8 Nm standstill torque. Corners and edges were avoided and drill holes and screwed connections were largely dispensed with.

Power losses have been kept low by the connection of the stators to the stainless steel housing. The motors are used without additional cooling and the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is approx. 14 times lower than the aluminium housing of the motor in standard execution. All AM8000 servomotors are equipped with a sensor for temperature monitoring, which passes the data on to the drive via the single cable. The data can be processed in the higher-level controller such that the motor can be controlled in relation to its temperature.

Equipped with IP 67 protection, optionally also IP 69K, the AM8800 motors can be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners. These motors can be provided with a sealing air connection and can also be equipped with a holding brake or a multi-turn encoder, depending on requirements.

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