High Flexibility

StickPack Line

17.04.2012 Mediseal's new StickPack Line can carton sticks in a side load process. The solution combines the advantages of the manufacturer´s existing machines: Maximum process reliability with greatest possible flexibility, according to GMP standards.


The sticks are controlled during the entire process. Direct handover by a suction wheel assures direct positioning of the sticks in the cartridge. As there are no negative impacts on the sticks, controlled transfer of the StickPacks or the StickPack Stacks into a side load carton is possible.

The philosophy of modularity is reflected in the new StickPack line. In the basic configuration the line is highly compact, whereas its modularity allows almost unlimited flexibility. Adaptation to the site layout is possible as well as adaptation of additional functions to the line – even at a later date. The open design – according to GMP regulations – allows visual checking of all relevant control points. Ready accessibility assures easy cleaning and maintenance. The cartridges are designed for mechanical cleaning.

The transfer system also acts as a buffering system. The stick pack machine and the cartoner are not coupled directly. This allows accommodation of minor failures without stopping the StickPack machine. This finally results in a lower reject rate and therefore in higher OEE rates. The format range of the StickPack Line also allows a high degree of flexibility. Up to 600 sticks per minute with a width of 15 to 40 mm and a length of 45 to 160 mm. In the cartoner section, 5 to 50 sticks per carton with a capacity of up to 100 cartons per minute.


Achema 2012 Hall 3.1-G.71