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Coater LC Series Optimised Spraying, Mixing, and Coating

Coater LC Series

Produktbericht24.04.2012 Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau developed the LC coater series specially for coating tablets. Besides user-friendliness and ease-of-cleaning, great importance was attached to optimum process engineering. All three sub-processes relevant for film-coating of the tablets were optimised: spraying on of the coating, mixing, and drying. mehr

Mixer Ploughshare A Coating Solution for Crispies

Mixer Ploughshare

Produktbericht16.04.2012 The solution introduced by Lödige for coating particles to process extruded cereal products, so-called crispies, in a Ploughshare mixer demonstrates that complex coating tasks can be implemented comparatively cost-effectively with precise control of the process parameters. mehr

Ring-layer Mixer Corimix Small Footprint and Simple Handling

Ring-layer Mixer Corimix

Produktbericht09.04.2012 Lödige's continuous motion Corimix ring-layer mixer was specially developed for intensive mixing processes at high to very high flow rates. The versatile and economical mixer type is suited to a broad range of industrial applications. Special, exchangeable linings to protect the mixing vessel permit the processing of products which are abrasive or tend to stick. mehr