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High Flexibility

StickPack Line

Produktbericht17.04.2012 Mediseal's new StickPack Line can carton sticks in a side load process. The solution combines the advantages of the manufacturer´s existing machines: Maximum process reliability with greatest possible flexibility, according to GMP standards. mehr

Packaging Machine Blister Line CP400 & P3200 400 Blisters or 300 Folded Boxes per Minute

Packaging Machine Blister Line CP400 & P3200

Produktbericht17.04.2012 The new CP400 & P3200 Blister Line from Körber Medipack is positioned in the medium capacity range of 400 blisters per minute in combination with the P3200 cartoner for up to 300 folded boxes per minute. mehr

Fully Automatic Forming and Erecting

Toploading Cartoner NeoTOP 804

Produktbericht17.04.2012 The NeoTOP 804 top loading cartoner from Dividella is used for combi pack syringe, vial, or leaflet packaging. The machine executes fully automatic forming and erecting of NeoTOP partitioned carton fluted trays, NeoTOP open-top trays, or NeoTOP cartons including integrated partitions from flat blanks.  mehr