Workshop Nr.192 „Pellets and Micropellets for oral multiparticulate dosage forms – technologies and applications“

More and more pharmaceutical products are ­reaching the market as multiparticulate dosage forms, mainly as pellets. The healthcare sector also frequently selects pellets as an optimal marketable form of functional food. As there is quite a number of existent techniques relating to the production of pellets, it is often very difficult for a formulator or marketing manager to make a choice, since every technique claims to be ­optimal.

This workshop is aimed at elaborating the ­advantages and drawbacks of the individual ­techniques, focusing on the optimal spectrum ­of each one but also considering the economical and ergonomical aspects of manufacturing ­processes. On special request of various participants this workshop has been extended ­to include lectures on the main excipients for ­pelletizing and pellet coating, on functional pellet coating, compression of pellets into tablets, capsule filling and the most suitable capsule materials.

All speakers are specialized, experienced and renowned experts from science and industry.