Total Control of Hard Capsules

Visual Inspection and Quality Control System Bosch KKX 3900

17.04.2012 The KKX 3900 from Bosch offers 100% visual inspection and quality control. The system operates on the basis of soft X-ray technology and is used for the inspection of filled hard capsules. 


The KKX 3900 inspects several process parameters at the same time: weight, length, detection of foreign particles, and capsule quality. The device is a modular, independent inspection unit which can be installed after any capsule filler. It can handle up to 220,000 capsules/hour. The system secures the process, determines 100% filling weights, and inspects and detects foreign particles. Moreover, it inspects the closing length and optical defects of the hard capsules. An individual discharge of defective capsules with image evaluation is also ensured. The system resists external influences such as vibration, airflow, and dampness and ensures high outputs in a process environment.
Achema 2012 Hall 3.1-C70