Ensures Permanent WFI Quality

Water Distribution System Loopo WFI

31.05.2018 BWT's Loopo WFI standardised system complements the membrane-based generator of water for injections (WFI) by ensuring that the cold storage, distribution and monitoring of WFI is safe. Ozone is used to keep the water in the WFI tank constantly sanitised, thus ensuring the prevention of microbial growth.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • ozone sanitisation
  • no extraneous substances
  • components comply with requirements on WFI

The ozone is produced directly from the water for injection using an electrolytic process, and without the addition of extraneous substances. The ozone is effectively reduced to below the detection limit by a UV unit before the WFI enters the loop that takes it to the points of consumption. The entire ring circuit system can be periodically sanitised at point of use with ozone or sterilised, superheated water at 121° C. All the components used  ̶  pumps, heat exchanger, TOC measurement and microbial detection  ̶   comply with the requirements for use in WFI distribution systems.


BWT 1804pf097_Reinstwasseranlagen AGD AGE Achema2018 Loopo wfi (2)

Image: BWT