L.B. Bohle introduced the first Film Coater with a slotted drum in 2009.

L.B. Bohle introduced the first Film Coater with a slotted drum in 2009. (Bild: L.B. Bohle)

  • gentle processing
  • for small cores
  • flexible


Miniature tablets have already been established as a dosage form for several years and offer the advantage that several tablets can be administered together if necessary to achieve the required individual dose. They are especially suited for multi-particle dosage forms as they can be individually and flexibly dosed. As a result, they can either be filled into capsules or sachets or applied with miniature tablet dispensers. Often the small cores are coated to provide sufficient stability. Besides functionality, swallowing as well as taste and odor are improved by the film coverings.

Unfortunately, miniature tablets are often very fragile. Due to the strong fluidization that is required in the fluid bed system, they can rub off and break easily. A slotted coater drum treats small cores more gently. This drum comes with an appropriate perforation in which not only normal sized cores but also extremely small cores with a diameter of 1.5 millimetres can be coated. As a result, the system offers maximum flexibility and can be used for processing different particles.


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